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Imagine an IT Department in-a-Box - Now stop imagining...
We provide project management services specifically designed to enable small and medium business' to punch above their weight.
How? By working on a membership platform, we use "economy of scale" to benefit each and every member of the 1choice community of businesses, clubs and charities.
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The biggest battle you face is building confidence in your brand.
Displaying the 1choice Certified Seal represents a commitment to quality which is easily recognized.

Certification costs just $550/year and you can take a pre-certification check to see if you qualify for just $110

When you need to make a technology purchase, whether it is a product or service, you will be able to leverage all of the 1choice members' buying power and all pricing is at cost...

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Are you giving your ISP free advertising? Are you only staying with them because your email is with them? Let us show you how to unchain yourself from your ISP! Click to see our free tips...

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We love to help out our Subscribers and it's even better when they have a service that's second-to-none. Aussie Car Rentals on Brighton Road...

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Welcome to 1Choice


What do I get for my membership?

1. Jargon Busting - Excessive Jargon is the crutch of a bad salesman. We give you Plain English help with questions regarding Computers, Phones and Internet.
If we don't know the answer and there is no feedback from other members? We'll research it for you and in most cases it's included in your yearly membership fee.

2. Roadside assistance for your computer - Help, not just advice. We can even log into your computer (if you have broadband Internet it is a lot quicker) to fix computer problems without you having to lug the unit to a store.

If the problem is major or requires a specialist, we can refer you to our trusted network of professional service providers that can assist you.

3. Bargains - With nearly 5000 members, you get buying power. From Discounted Internet Access, domain names at $11/year or professional websites, we pass all the savings to our members, because your subscription pays our wages, these deals are passed on to you at cost.

4. Independent Advice - because subscriptions pay our wages, the advice we give you isn't based on our need to sell something, but because we've had real feedback from real people that have said it works in the real world.

5. No LAB TESTS! - Our information comes from the real world experiences of our members, owners and directors of businesses, clubs and charities across Australia and the world, not from some geek in a lab.


Avast! Antivirus

Looking for an Anti-Virus solution? Avast Anti-Virus has been top of the list from member feedback for value and reliability for three years in a row!
Note that for personal users, the free Home Edition is hard to beat.

Avast Website

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100% Australian website Directory

Christmas last year you voted to save Ausfinder, so choice is proud to announce the re-launch of under our 1choice Community Initiatives umbrella.

Ausfinder is a directory website designed to show off truly 100% Australian websites, this is confirmed by volunteers and staff in the real world to make sure the information you get is correct - if they are listed on Ausfinder, their details have been confirmed to ensure the site only lists websites owned by people who cal Australia home!

Click HERE to register your business on Ausfinder


1Choice Website Tips help from 1choice

The power of Domain names

Your domain name says allot about you, but there is a logical reason for choosing a that goes beyond how you are perceived...

Think on this. The average retail price of a is $18-30/year vs. a .com being $15-25/year. For that extra $3 to $5 you not only show everyone you have a registered Australian business behind your website, the name database is managed here in Australia by AusRegistry in their role as wholesale domain supplier.

A .com, on the other hand, are managed in the USA, so any difficulties between Australia and the USA can potentially mean problems for your site. The experience of our members is that if you are going to have a .com, have it as a parked domain sitting on your name.
N.B. Be aware that some hosting companies charge extra for this service, so be aware of this before signing up.

Was this tip helpful? There are more in our Newsletter and Members Only section.

Domain name pricing

It's still hard to believe that there are websites charging $140 for domain names with all the competition out there. While it's true that you get what you pay for, the amount of work involved in managing names is very small unless you make a habit of high customer turn-over (that bares thinking about.

Based on member experiences, we recommend looking at those offering registrations for less than $60/2 years and that are based in Australia.

Not sure where your provider is based? We'll find out for you Read more


"Thank you to Lisa, Trent and the whole team at 1choice. I had been burnt before and you sat down and showed me how I could save money straight away while getting my website running better."

Hellen Grove

"I had no idea I was wasting so much money. Thanks for saving me hundreds each month."

Gary Webber

"My jaw dropped when I saw that I was paying for local web hosting but they were based in the USA!. Now I'm getting what I pay for."

David Wren